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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • Articles have never been sent and published to other publishers in the form of any media (printed / electronic). If there is duplicate publishing, the author is willing to delete the article from this journal.
  • The format of the article being collected is in format Microsoft Word
  • Articles are written and arranged based on the template for articles, with total of 06-14 pages
  • The number of scientific readings used as a bibliography is at least 10 titles (80% primary references and 20% secondary references). Primary references consist of journals, proceedings / papers, research reports, essays, thesis, dissertations, while secondary references, including general books and online sources of scientific information.
  • The author upholds the copyright, privacy and ethics of scientific publications in the RESISTOR Journal

Author Guidelines

When submitting articles, the author must pay attention to:

1)    Articles must be in accordance with the scientific scope of the journal.

2)    Articles are sent in Microsoft Word format that is:

  • A4 paper (21 cm X 21.7 cm) with page margins; left (3 cm), top (3 cm), right (3 cm), and bottom (3 cm);
  • The number of articles pages range from 6 to 14 pages.
  • Articles are arranged in two columns with the Calibri font, except the title, author’s identity, and abstracts using one column.

3)  Articles are written systematically as follows.

  • TITLE (Caliber, capital letters, font size 14, bold, center, single spaces).
  • Author's name (Caliber, 10, Bold, Center).
  • Author Identity (Calibri, 10, Normal, Center), contains the name of the institution / place of work / place of study, address, e-mail address
  • Abstract (Caliber, 11, Bold, Italic, Center) and its contents (Justify, Caliber 10, single space, italic).
  • Abstract contains a summary of the contents of the article: the problem discussed, the proposed approach or solution and the results of the proposed solution / conclusion).
  • Abstract articles are written in two languages ​​(English and Indonesian). For Indonesian-language articles, English abstracts are placed above the abstract of the Indonesian language and vice versa.
  • Keywords (keywords are written in lowercase letters, except abbreviations, between 3-6 keywords, separated by commas, Caliber, 10, Italic)
  • INTRODUCTION (capital letters, Caliber, 11, Bold) and contents (Justify, Caliber 10, single spaces).
  • Image descriptions, tables, etc. (Calibri, 9, normal, source writing begins and ends with square brackets).
  • METHODS (capital letters, Caliber, 11, Bold) and their contents (Justify, Caliber 10, single spaces).
  • RESULTS AND DISCUSSION (capital letters, Caliber, 11, Bold) and contents (Justify, Caliber 10, single spaces).
  • CONCLUSION (capital letters, Caliber, 11, Bold) and its contents (Justify, Caliber 10, single spaces).
  • ADVICE AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS - optional (capital letters, Caliber, 11, Bold) and contents (Justify, Caliber 10, single spaces).
  • REFERENCES (without numbers and capital letters, Calibri, 11, bold) and their contents (Calibri, 10, normal, 1 space), the literature that becomes a literature review must be relevant to the topic of study / research.
  • Writing libraries using numbers flanked by square brackets [2]. Reference for references is written in sequence and everything listed in the bibliography must be referred to in writing or paper.
  • Some things to note about the bibliography used include:
  • Must use a maximum journal reference for the last 5 years at 30% of the total references.
  • The standard for writing bibliography is based on the IEEE writing method with the order of articles / libraries from the first appearing (quoted) in this article to the most recent
  • Writing quotations and bibliography is suggested to use Mendeley's reference manager application.

- Provisions for the above style of script writing are applied in the articles’ template of RESISTOR Journal

- Submission instructions can be downloaded here.

Articles submitted will be duplicated by using duplicate content detection software, Plagiarism checker X. Articles with a similarity level above 15% will be returned to the author for revision.

Articles received and published in RESISTOR Journals are free of charge, but if the Author wants a hardcopy / print out of the journal, a printing fee of Rp. 150,000 (not including shipping costs). Payment is made by transferring to DANAMON Bank with No. account 003613311590 a.n. I KETUT SETIAWAN


Privacy Statement

The author's copyright in the RESISTOR Journal, assigns that the publication of published articles is owned by the editorial board with the author's approval, but the rights are still with the author. The legal rules for accessing digital electronic articles are under license Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA), which means that the RESISTOR Journal has the right to store, modify, manage databases, maintain and publish articles without the author's permission, but the author as the copyright holder is still written as it is. Articles published in RESISTOR Journals, both in hard and soft copy forms are available as open access, for educational, research and library purposes, and beyond that purpose, the editorial board of the Language and Language Journal is not responsible for illegal copyright infringement. This journal also applies LOCKSS and CLOKSS archiving.